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Inwardly Digest - Phew


Posted by Dan Weber on


Today was a big day. I finally made my way through Psalm 18. The longest Psalm is 119, but because it's an acrostic based on the Hebrew alphabet, I'm treating each 8-verse stanza as its own unit. Next in length is Psalm 78 (at 72 verses) which I'll get to in October of 2025, followed by Psalm 89 (53 verses) which I'll get to in October of 2026. That's followed by Psalm 18 (50 verses) which I just finished this morning.

My original plan to memorize allotted me an arbitrary 2.5 days for every 2 verses in a given Psalm. I've largely kept on pace with this. However, I did not account for the scaling difficulty of a Psalm the length of Psalm 18. It got increasingly difficult to add each subsequent verse. It took me a full month longer than expected to work through Psalm 18.

Two big wins to celebrate. First, this challenging Psalm is now in my short-term memory and working its way deeper into my long-term memory through daily reviews. And second, I'm expecting that Psalms 19-21 should feel much faster (in part because of their familiarity, but especially because of their shorter length: 14, 9, and 13 verses).

On the nearish horizon, I'm approaching a milestone in my journey. Once I've memorized Psalm 20, I'll be more than 10% of the way through the Psalter! My plan is to complete the journey is 10 years, and if I can complete Psalms 19 and 20 within the next 3 months, I'll be ahead of schedule!

At times this has been fun. At times it's felt frustrating. At times I've wondered why I keep doing it. And at times like this morning, it feels totally doable and worth it!

May God grant us all perseverance and steadfastness in our journeys of faith.


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