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Confirmation Resources


Worship Reflection Sheets

10 Worship Reflection Sheets will be required. This is one sheet for every CORE class that we will have throughout the year. The goal with these sheets is to help confirmands engage with all levels of what is happening in worship. More sheets will be available from Pastor Aaron in the Church Office or for download here. Finished reflection sheets can be turned in at the church office, in Pastor Aaron's box, or in the reflection sheet box in the Welcome Center. 

Worship Reflection Sheet

At-Home Discussions

In between our CORE Classes, parents/guardians will lead discussion with their confirmand(s) about topics that we are discussing in class. The goal of this time is to connect what we are talking about in class with everyday life and with the Scriptures. Each guide will include a reading from the Bible and/or video to spark conversation. Follow the link below to the most recent guide. 

At-Home Discussions