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    Chapter 23: Jesus' Ministry Begins

    04.08.18 | Study Questions | by Jan Grothe

    Chapter 23 - Jesus’ Ministry Begins 1. What did people see and hear at Jesus’ baptism? (The Story, p. 322; Matthew 3:13-17)   2. Describe the temptations that Jesus experienced in the wilderness and how He responded to each...

      Chapter 22: The Birth of a King

      04.01.18 | Study Questions | by Jan Grothe

      Chapter 22 - The Birth of the King 1. What was the message God had for his people through John the Baptist? (The Story, p. 309; Matthew 3:1-3; Luke 3:1-17)   2. Mary had surprising news from the Angel Gabriel. What was her response to...

        Psalm 38

        03.25.18 | Study Questions | by Jan Grothe

        Psalm 38Reflection Questions 1. What is the result of sin with our relationship with God? Romans 3:23 and Romans 6:23.   2. How does the psalmist describe how sin has affected his life?   3. Read the Psalm again. Who is talking to...

          Psalm 102

          03.18.18 | Study Questions | by Jan Grothe

          Psalm 102 1. What five things do we ask of the Lord in the first two verses of this Psalm? 2. How is sorrow over sin described in verses 3-7? 3. Why is grass a picture of our humanity? See Isaiah 40:6-8 and 1 Peter 1:24-25. 4. Contrast the...

            Psalm 130

            03.11.18 | Study Questions | by Jan Grothe

            Psalm 130 Reflection Questions In verse one, the psalmist speaks of depths. In Hebrew, this refers to deep waters and the sense of sinking into the depths of the sea. What is it that threatens to crush the psalmist?  When have you felt...