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    Psalm 51

    02.28.18 | Study Questions

    Psalm 51Reflection Questions 1. Read 2 Samuel 11 and 2 Samuel 12:1-14 as background to this Psalm.   2. What were the sins David committed in this story?   3. What was the result of Nathan’s message to King David?   4...

      Psalm 32

      02.21.18 | Study Questions

      Psalm 32Reflection Questions 1. In verses 1 and 2, what is the blessing we receive from God?   2. The Apostle Paul refers to the beginning of Psalm 32 in          Romans 4:1-8. What do we learn about the example...

        Psalm 6

        02.13.18 | Study Questions

        Psalm 6Reflection Questions 1. Psalm 6 is a penitential psalm. (A psalm that expresses humble realization, sorrow, and regret for sin.) What is penitential about this psalm?   2. What might provoke the anger/wrath of the Lord?...

          Chapter 21: Rebuilding the Walls

          02.05.18 | Study Questions

          Chapter 21 - Rebuilding the Walls 1. What was Ezra’s role in Babylon and then in Jerusalem? (The Story, p. 291; Ezra 7:1-6)   2. How was God’s hand in the events of Ezra going to Jerusalem and the provision for them? (The...

            Chapter 20: The Queen of Beauty and Courage

            01.28.18 | Study Questions

            Chapter 20 - The Queen of Beauty and Courage 1. Tell the story of how Esther came to be in the royal palace.   2. How did Mordecai save the king’s life? (The Story, p. 279; Esther 2:19-23)   3. Why were Mordecai and Haman at...