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    Chapter 9: The Faith of a Foreign Women

    11.05.17 | Study Questions

    Chapter 9 – The Faith of a Foreign Woman 1. Ruth left her homeland to be with Naomi. How would this have affected her life in that time and culture?   2. Describe a time where you trusted in God through a big change in your...

      Chapter 8: A Few Good Men…and Women

      10.29.17 | Study Questions

      Chapter 8 – A Few Good Men…and Women 1. Describe the story of how Deborah led God’s people to victory. (Judges 4; The Story p. 105-106)   2. How did God help Gideon when he felt he couldn’t do what God...

        Chapter 7: The Battle Begins

        10.23.17 | Study Questions

          Chapter 7 – The Battle Begins 1. Describe a time when you felt overwhelmed with a challenge. How did God help you in this circumstance?   2. Joshua faced overwhelming odds as he led God’s people into Canaan. How did...

          Chapter 6: Wandering

          10.15.17 | Study Questions

          Chapter 6 - Wandering 1. What were some of the things the people complained about in their travels?   2. How did God respond?   3. Describe the two reports of the men who went to explore Canaan.   4. What was the...

            Chapter 5: New Commands and New Covenant

            10.09.17 | Study Questions

            Chapter 5 - New Commands and a New Covenant 1. When you hear “10 Commandments” what are your thoughts and impressions?   2. Why did God give the 10 Commandments? How are they helpful to community living?   3. While...


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