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Acts: Week 10 Study Questions

11.11.18 | Devotions, Study Questions

    Week Ten:

    11/18   Acts 21:37-22:21

    11/19   Acts 22:22-23:11

    11/20   Acts 23:12-22

    11/21   Acts 23:23-35

    11/22   Acts 24:1-27

    11/23   Acts 25:1-12


    1. Summarize Paul’s message in the first 21 verses of chapter 22. What was his message?
    2. What was the turning point in verses 22 where the leaders turn against Paul?
    3. What happened with the Roman tribune in response to the issue of the Jewish leaders vs. Paul?
    4. Read 23:6-10. Note the nouns and verbs as you read. Note the divisions and the reasons. Describe this highly charged scene. When you have been in a position with turmoil and arguments surrounding you where you were afraid to share your beliefs? How did you handle the situation?
    5. What was the Lord’s message to Paul in verse 11? Amidst the turmoil around him, how do you think Paul was able to hear the Lord speak to him? How are we able to hear God’s voice?
    6. Read 23:12-35 and retell the story in your own words. Have you been in a situation where you were unjustly accused? How did you respond?
    7. What was your journey of forgiveness when wrongly accused? Were you able to forgive? Was it difficult? How were you able to forgive?
    8. Acts 24:12 mentions that Felix, the governor, had a “rather accurate knowledge of the Way.” (Believers in Jesus) How do you think he obtained this knowledge? Did this mean that he was also a Christian? Why or why not?
    9. Throughout chapters 24 and part of 25, Jewish leaders opposed Paul and the case was presented to several people. Who were they and what were their roles? How was it that these people of Roman significance were involved in this dispute?
    10. Has there been a time when you have misunderstood a circumstance and made erroneous judgements? How does this affect relationships? How does the Lord help us in these situations?