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Acts: Week 11 Study Questions

11.18.18 | Devotions, Study Questions

    Week Eleven:

    11/25   Acts 25:13-27

    11/26   Acts 26:1-11

    11/27   Acts 26:12-32

    11/28   Acts 27: 1-12

    11/29   Acts 27:13-44

    11/30   Acts 28:1-10


    1. What was the problem the Roman leaders had with Paul? Read 25:25-27. How did this affect Paul’s life?
    2. How was Paul’s testimony before Agrippa in chapter 26 different that that with Felix and Festus?
    3. Give some examples of how our testimony of Jesus changes before different audiences. Consider: a Christian who hasn’t gone to church in years, a non-Christian, your neighbor, a relative.
    4. What was Paul’s advice to the centurion as they decided to set sail in chapter 27? How was that advice received?
    5. Read 27:21-38. What was Paul’s message in these verses? Describe a time when you have been an encourager in the midst of chaos. How does God enable you to find joy in the midst of turmoil? How do we bring that joy to others?
    6. How was God’s grace and mercy shown to the people aboard the ship? How has God’s grace and mercy been shown to you?
    7. How did God work through Paul after the shipwreck? What could have been the temptation for Paul as people called him a god? How have we been tempted to use our positions in life for our own purposes?
    8. Miracles provided the physical healing the people sought. What do you think Paul’s message was as he healed these people?