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Acts: Week 2 Study Questions

09.23.18 | Devotions, Study Questions

    Week Two:

    9/23     Acts 3:11-26

    9/24     Acts 4:1-22

    9/25     Acts 4:23-31

    9/26     Acts 4:32-37

    9/27     Acts 5:1-11

    9/28     Acts 5:12-42


    1. Compare Peter’s message in Acts 3:11-26 with his message in Acts 2:14-41. What are the similarities? Differences?
    2. What were the results of this message on the hearts of the hearers? (4:1-4)
    3. Describe Peter’s message to the leaders and elders in 4:8-12. What was the conundrum of the leaders with the message and the miracle?
    4. What were the believers praying for in 4:23-31? What are the things we pray for as we share Jesus with neighbors, coworkers, and friends?
    5. How do our fears interfere with us praying with boldness?
    6. Check out what Scripture says: Romans 8:15; 2 Timothy 1:6-7; and Hebrews 4:16. Why can we be as bold as the early church believers?
    7. Describe the life of the believers in 4:32-37. Describe a scenario in the body of believers in 2018 with the aspects of this Scripture passage. How do we take care of others in the body of Christ?
    8. The story of Ananias and Sapphira seems harsh. What is the teaching moment for us as we read this event?
    9. Read 5:12-16. Using your senses, describe this scenario as one needing healing…as an apostle…as a Jewish leader.
    10. In 5:17-42, what were the challenges of the apostles and the early church? How did they respond to these challenges?
    11. What are the challenges we face in sharing Jesus?
    12. What are some of the specific opportunities in our neighborhood, work place, school, and wherever we go to share Jesus?