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Acts: Week 3 Study Questions

09.30.18 | Devotions, Study Questions

    Week Three:

    9/30     Acts 6:1-7

    10/1     Acts 6:8-15

    10/2     Acts 7:1-8

    10/3     Acts 7:9-29

    10/4     Acts 7:30-43

    10/5     Acts 7:44-53


    1. Seven men were chosen by the believers and commissioned by the disciples. What were the qualifications that were sought as they chose leaders? Why are these qualifications important today as we seek leaders to carry out ministry?
    2. Acts 6:7 mentions that a great many of the priests became believers. Does this surprise you? Why or why not? Why do you think it is mentioned?
    3. From Acts 6:8-15, how would you describe Stephen? What did his opposition have against him? What charges were brought against Stephen?
    4. Describe the scenario with Stephen and the council from the perspective of the witnesses…of Stephen…of the council. What are your thoughts about what you hear and see?
    5. How did Stephen answer the charges brought against him?
    6. When have you been in a circumstance where you needed to defend your faith?
    7. If someone asked you why you follow Jesus, how would you respond?
    8. What difference has Jesus made in your life?