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Acts: Week 4 Study Questions

10.04.18 | Devotions, Study Questions

    Week Four:

    10/7     Acts 7:54-60

    10/8     Acts 8:1-8

    10/9     Acts 8:9-25

    10/10   Acts 8:26-40

    10/11   Acts 9:1-19

    10/12   Acts 9:20-25


    1. Write down the verbs in Acts 7:54-60. What do you notice about the verbs that are used in this passage? Describe the opposites between the crowd and Stephen.
    2. Read Psalm 16:8 and Hebrews 12:2. How do these verses relate to Stephen? What are those things that take our eyes off of Jesus? How can these passages help us?
    3. Read the story of Simon, the magician, in Acts 8:9-25. Where is the conviction of the Law? Where is the Gospel shared?
    4. What were the challenges that faced Phillip as he shared the Gospel with Simon? What are the challenges that face us as we share Jesus with others? What are the joys we experience?
    5. Compare how Peter shared the Gospel in Acts 4:8-12 with how Phillip shared the Gospel with the Ethiopian in Acts 8:26-40. How are they similar? How are they different?
    6. What aspects of our sharing the Good News change with the person we share with? What aspects must remain the same?
    7. Read the remarkable story of Saul’s conversion in Acts 9:1-22. What may you have thought and felt if you were the men traveling with Saul? If you were Ananais who was called to share God’s message with Saul?
    8. If you heard Saul speak about Jesus would you have trusted him? Why or why not?
    9. Where is the Law presented in Acts 9:1-22? Where is the Gospel shared?
    10. How were God’s words to Ananais already becoming real in verses 23-25?
    11. Out of Saul’s sin and brokenness, God brought restoration and redemption. How has God done that for you?