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Acts: Week 5 Study Questions

10.14.18 | Devotions, Study Questions

    Week Five:

    10/14   Acts 9:26-31

    10/15   Acts 9:32-43

    10/16   Acts 10:1-8

    10/17   Acts 10:9-33

    10/18   Acts 10:34-48

    10/19   Acts 11:1-18


    1. How was Saul received by the disciples in 9:26-28?
    2. Who came to Saul’s defense and how? When has someone encouraged you in your walk with the Lord? When have you been an encouragement to someone else?
    3. How does the Holy Spirit enable us to speak boldly out of our brokenness - our past failures and our fears?
    4. Why do you think the brothers sent Saul to Tarsus?
    5. How was God’s Church growing in 9:32-43?
    6. How can God use the “unexpected” in our lives to encourage and bless others?
    7. Read Leviticus 11:2-23. What were some of those things Peter in Acts 10:9-33 said were unclean?
    8. What was God preparing Peter for? What was God’s message? When has God prepared you in advance for an event that was to come?
    9. When has God opened your eyes to a pre-conceived idea that was not His truth? How did that change relationships and/or interactions with others?
    10. How is the story of Peter and Cornelius a “game changer” for sharing the Gospel?