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Acts: Week 7 Study Questions

10.21.18 | Devotions, Study Questions

    Week Seven:

    10/28   Acts 14:8-28

    10/29   Acts 15:1-21

    10/30   Acts 15:22-35

    10/31   Acts 15:36-41

    11/1     Acts 16:1-10

    11/2     Acts 16:11-15


    1. Read Luke 5:17-26, Acts 3:1-10, and Acts 14:8-10. What are the parallels in these passages?
    2. Read Acts 14:11-18. For historical context, who were Zeus and Hermes? Do an internet, Bible helps, or library search.
    3. We like to think that we are beyond making anyone a “god,” yet how do past or present figures in the world become gods?
    4. Paul’s and Barnabas’ goal was to share the Gospel wherever they went. How was this goal circumvented in Acts 14:11-18?
    5. Read Acts 14:19-28. Why is it important to share with others God’s work in our lives and the lives of those around us?
    6. What was the disagreement in Acts 15:1-11? What was Paul’s summary in vs 10-11?
    7. Give examples of how we confuse Law and Gospel today? Give examples of how we might make it difficult for new believers to feel welcome into our body of believers at St. Luke’s?
    8. How did the Church bring reassurance to the new believers in vs. 22-35? How can we encourage new people at our church?
    9. Read 15:36-41. We are all sinners and don’t see things the same way. How did God bless the Church even through this disagreement? How has God worked for good in our life through times of struggle?
    10. Who was Timothy? Do a Bible helps or internet search to describe who Timothy was.
    11. In 16:6-10, the Holy Spirit tell Paul not to go to one place and to go to another? How do we hear the Holy Spirit speak to us?
    12. Describe the scene in 16:11-15. Where did the missionaries go? Who was there?
    13. What do we know about Lydia? When has God opened your heart to a message and what was the result in your life on hearing the message?