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Acts: Week 8 Study Questions

10.28.18 | Devotions, Study Questions

    Week Eight:

    11/4     Acts 16:16-40

    11/5     Acts 17:1-9

    11/6     Acts 17:10-15

    11/7     Acts 17:16-34

    11/8     Acts 18:1-17

    11/9     Acts 18:18-28


    1. Read 16:16-40 and Genesis 50:20. What are the instances in the Acts passage that reflect the Genesis passage?
    2. No matter what circumstances Paul found himself, he was enthusiastic about sharing the Redemption Story to those he encountered. Who in your life needs to hear this Story?
    3. Describe the scenario in 16:25-34 from the perspective of Paul and Silas…of the jailer. What are your thoughts as the events unfold? Where do you see the Law in this passage? The Gospel? How was God at work in these events?
    4. Read 17:1-9 and 17:10-15. What are the similarities in these two towns of: how Paul shared the Gospel; the reception of the Gospel; the positive and negative events; and the end result of sharing Jesus.
    5. Have you noticed similarities/differences in the stories of Acts 17 when you share Jesus with someone? What is your greatest fear in sharing Jesus? How can you overcome that fear?
    6. How did Paul use what was familiar to the people in Athens to present the Gospel message? How can you do the same type of thing?
    7. Lord spoke to Paul with words of encouragement in 18:9-10, which had four components. What were they and how would these words have helped Paul? Discuss how God can turn our discouraging experiences into triumphant ones.
    8. Who were Priscilla and Aquila? Do a Bible word search and describe what we know about them.
    9. According to 18:24-28, who was Apollos? Where else in the New Testament is he mentioned?
    10. What was the problem with the teaching of Apollos? How did Priscilla and Aquila help him? When has someone helped you as you were learning and growing? When have you helped someone else?