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Acts: Week 9 Study Questions

11.04.18 | Devotions, Study Questions

    Week Nine:

    11/11   Acts 19:1-20

    11/12   Acts 19:21-41

    11/13   Acts 20:1-16

    11/14   Acts 20:17-38

    11/15   Acts 21: 1-16

    11/16   Acts 21:17-36


    1. Read 19:1-7. What was the difference between John the Baptist’s baptism and the baptism instituted by Jesus? See also Acts 2:38 and Titus 3:5-7. Why is this important?
    2. Describe the power of God within Paul in Acts 19.
    3. Read Luke 4:33-34. What are the demons saying in Acts 19:15?
    4. Describe the scene in 19:11-20 from the perspective of Paul…of the residents of Ephesus. How do you see the power of God at work?
    5. In Acts 19:23-41 there was a dispute with two opposing sides. What was the issue? What kind of issues do we face today as we live out our faith in society?
    6. Describe the scene in 20:7-12 from the perspective of Eutychus… of the people listening to Paul….of Paul. What are your thoughts as the scene unfolds? How would you feel if you were there?
    7. Summarize what Paul told the elders in 20:17-38. Why do you think Paul spoke these words? When have you experienced a time when you advised, cautioned, and reminded of who you are in Christ and what troubles may come?
    8. In Acts 21:1-16, Agabus speaks words of prophecy to Paul. How did these words affect the believers? What was Paul’s response? Has there been a time when you have known what God was asking you to do and you were filled with fear and reluctance? What happened?
    9. What was the difference between the reception of the Church in Jerusalem with that of the Jewish leaders in Acts 21?
    10. What was the charge of Paul’s arrest in 21:17-36? The Jewish leaders are quick with a presumption and with judgement. How do these two things hurt the Church? How do they hurt personal relationships? How can relationships be restored?