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Chapter 11: From Shepherd to King

11.19.17 | Study Questions

    Chapter 11 – From Shepherd to King 

    1. David seemed an unlikely choice to be king. Why did God choose him? (1 Samuel 16:5-7; The Story, p. 145)


    1. Describe an experience when God chose you even though you were an unlikely candidate.


    1. What led David to do battle against Goliath? (1 Samuel 17:4-32; The Story, p. 148)


    1. Why was David confident to fight the giant when soldiers were filled with fear?


    1. King Saul tried many times to kill David. How did David respond?


    1. How does God enable you to respond in the face of discord and disagreement?


    1. What was the promise God made to David? (1Chronicles 17:16-27; The Story, p. 159-160)
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