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Chapter 14: A Kingdom Torn in Two

12.10.17 | Study Questions

    Chapter 14 – A Kingdom Torn in Two

    1. From whom do you seek advice and why?


    2. Rehoboam sought 2 sources when deciding on taxing his people. What was the advice by each group? (1 Kings 12:1-11; The Story, p. 193-194)


    3. The elders said if Rehoboam served the people they would be his servants. Compare this to what Jesus said in John 13:12-17.


    4. How does God enable you to be His instrument of peace?


    5. In this chapter, what made a king good or bad?


    6. Where do you see God’s activity in this history of the divided kingdom?


    7. How do you see God at work in the midst of evil today?



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