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Chapter 16: The Beginning of the End

12.31.17 | Study Questions

    Chapter 16 – The Beginning of the End

    1. What happened to the Kingdom of Israel (Northern Kingdom) and why?


    2. How did God use leaders of other countries for His purposes?


    3. How did God answer Hezekiah’s prayer concerning the Assyrians? (The Story, p. 224; 2 Kings 20:32-37)


    4. What was the message later concerning Jerusalem/Judah? (The Story, p. 225-226; Isaiah 3; 2 Kings 20:12-21)


    5. What was the message of hope that God spoke through Isaiah? (The Story, p. 226-229; Isaiah chapters 14, 49, 53)


    6. When has God used people or circumstances to draw you back to Him?


    7. What is the message of hope that God speaks to us in His Word?