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Chapter 24: No Ordinary Man

04.15.18 | Study Questions | by Jan Grothe

    Chapter 24 - No Ordinary Man

    1. Jesus often taught in parables. In the first parable of this chapter, what are the four types of soil and what do they depict? (The Story, p. 335; Mark 4:1-20)


    2. How do these aspects still get in the way of receiving God’s message and hearing His truth?


    3. Jesus told several parables of lost items that were found. (The Story, p. 337-339; Luke 15) What do these have in common?


    4. What do we learn about God through these parables?


    5. Jesus said that He was the bread of life. What does this mean for you? (The Story, p. 350; John 6:35)


    6. Where does God want you to become His student, learn from Him, and follow Him?


    7. Where do you see God’s love and grace in this chapter?