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Chapter 27: The Resurrection

05.06.18 | Study Questions | by Jan Grothe

    Chapter 27 – The Resurrection

    1. At the empty tomb, Mary was weeping until Jesus revealed Himself to her. (The Story, p. 383-384; John 20:10-18) Describe a time when God opened your eyes and made something clear to you.

    2. How do you think people’s lives were changed when they saw Jesus after His resurrection?

    3. How does knowing that Jesus is alive make a difference in your life?


    4. On the road to Emmaus, Jesus clarifies events by explaining the prophets. (The Story, p.384-386; Luke 24:13-19) How does knowing the Old Testament teachings help you understand Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection?


    5. How is God’s power over death and sin revealed in Jesus’ resurrection?


    6. Thomas needed to see Jesus to believe he was risen. (The Story, p. 386; John 20:24-29) When has God helped you as you were struggling?


    7. How did Jesus encourage and direct the disciples (and us) before He ascended into heaven?