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Chapter 28: New Beginnings

05.13.18 | Study Questions | by Jan Grothe

    Chapter 28 – New Beginnings

    1. Describe the remarkable events at Pentecost. (The Story, p. 390-392; Acts 2)


    2. How have you experienced the power of the Holy Spirit within you?


    3. What were some of the miraculous events in this chapter?


    4. Why did the religious leaders have problems with the disciples? (The Story, p. 396-397; Acts 5:17-42)


    5. What kinds of conflict did the disciples experience as they shared Jesus?


    6. Describe the story of Saul’s change of heart. (The Story p. 399-400; Acts 9:1-22)


    7. What means did God use to rescue His people in this chapter?