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Chapter 4: Deliverance

10.09.17 | Study Questions

    Chapter 4 - Deliverance

    1. Describe the unique circumstances surrounding Moses’ birth and life.


    2. What advantages did Moses have as he was growing up? How might that make a difference as Moses became a leader?


    3. Describe the unique circumstances surrounding God’s call to Moses.


    4. God calls Himself “I AM” (Exodus 3:14; The Story, p. 46). How does knowing that the eternal God, who was with Moses and is with you, help you?


    5. Moses says that he is unqualified to lead God’s people. What excuses did he present to God?


    6. When have you felt unqualified to do what God has asked you to do? How has God helped you when you felt inadequate?


    7. How does the Passover (Ex 12:1-28; The Story, p. 51-52) point to the Lamb of God (Jesus) who is the sacrifice for our sins?