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Online Giving

05.17.18 | Giving

    Click HERE to set up your online giving.


    Ways to Give

    Everyone gives a bit differently. Some people have used offering envelopes and handwritten checks for years. Others reach for whatever cash they might have on hand as the plates are passed. Some add their yearly contributions to their budget based on a percentage of their income. Others give more or less at different times depending on circumstances.

    Whatever the mechanism, giving is an important part of our walk of faith. And so we want to let you know about a couple ways we are making it easier for you to give at St. Luke’s.

    Because fewer and fewer people carry cash and checks with them, we are now offering two different ways you can give digitally.

    Online: If you are planning ahead and want to give digitally, you can go to this link to set up a one-time or a recurring offering.


    If you’d rather give spontaneously during worship (or any other time, for that matter), you can do so by following these steps:

    • Text a dollar amount (for example: $5) to 84321.
    • Click on the link that is sent back to you and select St. Luke’s.
    • Add an email address for a receipt and your payment information.
    • And that’s it. After the first time, you’ll only need to follow Step 1.


    What about fees?

    While our new system makes it easy to give with either a credit card or a bank transfer (ACH), there are small fees associated with each way of giving.
    • It costs 2.3% + $0.30/donation for all credit & debit card donations.
    • It costs $0.25 per ACH bank transfer donation.
    So it is generally better stewardship to use the ACH bank transfer. When you set up your giving (, you will be given the option of covering that fee in addition to your offering, or having that processing fee taken out of your offering. The choice is yours.

    How to Give Online

    Click HERE to set up your online giving.

    So there are a couple ways that we want to make it easier for God's people to both give sacrificially in worship, as well as support the important work of ministry that God has entrusted to us.

    Giving electronically doesn’t need to diminish the moment when we collective gather our Offerings in worship. During that time, we still physically pass the plate and offer a word of prayer to God, thanking Him for His generosity and praying that He would receive our offering as an act of worship.

    Actually, it’s still a great idea to fill out one of the offering envelopes from the pew in front of you. Write down the amount you’re giving electronically. This habit will help you to be aware of your intentionality, in addition to providing a great witness to those around you who see the fullness of the offering plate as a visual reminder that they aren’t alone in their giving, but that we’re all in this together supporting Christ’s work through His Church.

    Far from removing giving from our conscious life of faith, setting up a recurring gift is a beautiful way to ensure that we are prioritizing this part of our walk with God, and are giving of our first-fruits.

    Click HERE to set up your online giving.