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Psalm 38

03.25.18 | Study Questions | by Jan Grothe

    Psalm 38
    Reflection Questions

    1. What is the result of sin with our relationship with God? Romans 3:23 and Romans 6:23.


    2. How does the psalmist describe how sin has affected his life?


    3. Read the Psalm again. Who is talking to whom?


    4. What kind of picture does David paint in this psalm?


    5. What’s the difference between rebuking in anger and disciplining in love? Also see Colossians 2:13-14 and Romans 7:14-25.


    6. How does the description of the psalmist’s unrest change beginning with verse 8?


    7. We sometimes think of desires as being sinful, but there are Godly desires. What does Scripture teach us to desire? (Psalm 73:25; Psalm 107:9)


    8. Where in this psalm do you see David’s faith?


    9. Verse 15, the psalmist talks about waiting on the Lord. What do Psalm 40:1 and Isaiah 40:27-31 say about waiting?


    10. How do the closing two verses connect with the opening two verses?