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Welcome To St Luke's

 St Luke's is a Bible believing congregation centered in the truth that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior. We are a vibrant community that meets in pews, in classrooms, in living rooms, and in coffee shops across Federal Way and the surrounding areas. Our congregation is made up of all types of people; young and old, so you should have no problem fitting in here. When you come feel free to wear what ever you are comfortable in; whether casual or dressed up, we love it all!


Where should I park?

St. Luke's has two parking lots ~ one located on the south side of the building and one located on the east side. The parking spaces closest to St. Luke's are for visitors and are clearly marked for that purpose. We have handicapped parking spaces in our south lot ~ also clearly marked for your convenience.

What should I wear?

When you visit, feel free to wear what ever you feel comfortable in; whether casual or dressed up, we love it all! We just want you to feel free to come as you are; Jesus doesn't give you more "points" for dressing a certain way, and neither do we!

What are the services like?

As listed above there are a few different services with various styles of worship.You are welcome to experience ALL of our worship services to find out which service is best for you.

Have children?

Children are encouraged to join their parents in the worship center for services. St. Luke's also offers age-appropriate Sunday school classes for young children through high school. Please read our Children's page for more detailed information.

The Nursery

Nursery care for children under 3 years of age is offered during all worship services each weekend - Saturday 5pm, Sunday at 8, 9:30 and 11am. The nursery is located just North of the Worship Center.


Lastly, if you need prayer... we have a Chapel on our main floor where you can pray silently or with someone. We would love to pray for and with you, feel free to ask staff members or volunteers to show you to the prayer room.