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Red Letter Challenge

40 Days of Challenge. A Lifetime of Change.

Our Lenten journey this year is the Red Letter Challenge, a resource in workbooks, sermons, and small groups taking a look at the words of Jesus as He walked the earth, taught, and spoke. We look to Jesus, the best example of following God, of being a disciple. 

To help us on our journey, we have a Red Letter Challenge workbook and a children’s edition of Red Letter Challenge. This resource allows time each day for reflection, self-examination, and challenges us when hearing the words of Jesus to do them – put them into practice (Matthew 7:24).

Workbooks are available in the church office during the week or on Sundays before/after the services. We are asking $10 to help off-set the $20 cost. If it is a burden, but you’d like to be part of the Red Letter Challenge, we have a book for you. If $10 is easy for you, perhaps you’d like to sponsor someone else and make the larger donation of $20 or more.

Yes! I would like a book.

Kick-off Sunday will be February 14. Join us onsite, online, and with others in the church body through small groups or conversations.

St. Luke's will also be hosting a number of Zoom Small Groups to connect and go through the Challenge together. If you're interested in joining us in this and walking through The Red Letter Challenge with a group of believers, take a moment to sign up for a small group that works for your schedule!

Zoom Small Groups

Red Letter Challenge Reading Plan 

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