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St. Luke

Preschool for 3-year-olds

Two Day Class - Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday

This class follows a regular routine and schedule giving a sense of security. They form a positive attitude about school and are able to separate from parents. Activities include math, reading, and writing readiness, Bible stories, calendar, weather, out door play, art, music, and Learning Center. Special activities are field trips, parties and holiday celebrations.


Pre-Kindergarten for 4-year-olds

Three Day Class
  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday (9-12 PM)
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (9-1 PM - with lunch)
Five Day Class
  • Monday - Friday (9-12 PM)


3/5 Day Class Description

Pre-Kindergarten is designed to offer children the academic and Biblical foundations needed to be successful learners, as well as becoming positive and independent to succeed socially in the classroom. We encourage the children to explore their environment and begin to cultivate their love of learning at an early age. Our time is balanced between free and directed time, group and individual time, indoor and outdoor, and quiet and actively noisy times. The children will become familiar with classroom schedules and procedures as a way of developing a comfort zone and sense of security.

Entering Student Profile

Independent toileting skills
Able to verbally express desires and needs
Able to separate from parents
Able to follow simple directions
Able to attend to “tasks” for 15 minutes
Ability to use crayons and scissors

Teaching Format & Topics


Chapel time in class and as a school, Bible stories from both Old and New Testaments, Christian songs, prayers, and devotions which aid in creating an atmosphere for developing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Language Arts

Listening and following directions, letter recognition, phonemic awareness, songs, stories, rhymes to help reinforce language and practice handwriting. Introduction to word families and basic sight words which are then used to begin sentence formation and beginning reading.


Students are exposed to number recognition 1-20, rote counting to 30 counting by 10’s. They will be introduced to concepts such as patterning, sequencing, greater or less than, geometric shapes, addition, subtraction and multiplication using concrete objects and manipulatives.


The students are given opportunities for exploration of the world around them such as plants, animals, and weather. They engage in basic experiments such as color mixing, exploration of light and sound developing an understanding of gravity, properties of water, weight and measurement.

Art & Music

Children express their personalities through the use of many different art mediums. Singing is an important part of our day. Children come together to share their musical talent with their families several times a year.

Developing Gross & Fine Motor Skills

Different activities are implemented in our daily curriculum to help the children develop their gross and fine motor skills. Running, skipping, painting, cutting, assembling puzzles, and using manipulatives are part of our daily routine.


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