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    Chapter 6: Wandering

    10.15.17 | Study Questions

    Chapter 6 - Wandering 1. What were some of the things the people complained about in their travels?   2. How did God respond?   3. Describe the two reports of the men who went to explore Canaan.   4. What was the...

      Chapter 5: New Commands and New Covenant

      10.09.17 | Study Questions

      Chapter 5 - New Commands and a New Covenant 1. When you hear “10 Commandments” what are your thoughts and impressions?   2. Why did God give the 10 Commandments? How are they helpful to community living?   3. While...

        Chapter 4: Deliverance

        10.09.17 | Study Questions

        Chapter 4 - Deliverance 1. Describe the unique circumstances surrounding Moses’ birth and life.   2. What advantages did Moses have as he was growing up? How might that make a difference as Moses became a leader?   3...

          Chapter 2 God Builds a Nation

          09.24.17 | Study Questions

          Chapter 2 - God Builds a Nation 1. What would be the most difficult aspect for Abraham when God asked him to leave his home? What would be the hardest for you?   2. What was Abraham’s relationship with God? (Genesis 15:6 and Hebrews...