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Matthew 25 Ministry

05.14.17 | Devotions

Matthew 25 Ministry

    How does God describe the believer’s life in these verses?
    Matthew 25:31-40
    Micah 6:6-9


    How does Paul describe the lives of the Christians in Thessalonica?


    What does it mean to model your faith? Who do you think watches how you act, what you say, how you react?


    What turns you off about the way some people speak about their faith?


    Who has influenced your life for Godly living? How?


    Read 1 Thessalonians 2:8. Who is God calling you to share your life and the Gospel?


    What impression do people have of Christ when they see or talk with you?


    Read 2 Corinthians 2:14-17. How are you the aroma of Christ?


    Read Acts 10. How did God call Peter to adjust his life and his thinking in this story? How did Peter respond?


    How do you recognize opportunities where God is calling you to step out of routine and “go”?


    How do you adjust your life for the moments in which God asks you to step out and talk with someone or help someone?


    This Week:

    What Scripture passage was most meaningful for you?


    What are the opportunities you have to serve and glorify God?


    Jesus longs for a deep relationship with you! Being part of a Bible Study helps you grow in faith and knowledge of Christ. Also, it connects you to your Spiritual Family. Each week we have put together a Digging Deeper Bible study based on the Sunday sermon topic. If you have questions please call (253.941.3000) or email at or .