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What We Believe

What We Stand For

The Bible is our only authority. It is the only rule and norm for what we believe, teach, and confess. We hold to both the pure truth that God has revealed in Scripture while applying those truths in our specific time and place. Worship is essential for our lives as Christians. It's what we do! God gives us grace and power through the good gifts of His Word, Baptism, and His Supper. Every member of St Luke's can speak the truth of God's Word and is called to share Jesus with the lost. Sharing Jesus with the lost is what we are all about! Finally, in everything we do, we strive for excellence because we believe the excellence honors God and inspires people.

Where We Are Going

Before Jesus returned to heaven He told his disciples: "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations." We seek to tell others about Jesus; to build relationships with people in many different areas of life.; to help people deal with sickness, tragedy, and death; to recognize the God who gives us talent and opportunity; and to walk alongside them and to help them know that Christ is with them always." We are going wherever God leads! We seek to raise the next generation as believers in Christ, teaching children the Scriptures, and equipping parents to love their kids as God loves us.