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Global Missions


Each summer, a team of youth and adults from St Luke's travels to Hoonah, Alaska to provide Vacation Bible School, a basketball camp, adult Bible studies, youth events and assistance with construction projects. Prayer requests include: spiritual and moral guidance, healing of broken families and/or chronic alcohol and substance abuse, a decline in teen pregnancy, and the struggles for survival.


World Vision and St. Luke’s are committed to partnering with the people of Swaziland to improve their lives today and to help enact sustainable solutions for the future of their children, families, and communities. World Vision’s child sponsorship program plays a vital role in this partnership with St. Luke’s currently sponsoring around 200 children. In addition to sponsorship, World Vision operates other programs such as the WASH program, Caregivers, Savings Groups, and assisting farmers which we at St. Luke’s support financially. Every 18 months to 2 years we send a team of up to 9 members down to our area in Swaziland we support to visit some of our sponsored children, to see the progress of the WASH programs, Caregivers and more.